Le Nouveau Testament Bilingue Français Espagnol

Le Nouveau Testament Bilingue Français Espagnol

Titre de livre: Le Nouveau Testament Bilingue Français Espagnol

Éditeur: Transcripture International

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Le Nouveau Testament Bilingue Français Espagnol

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This is the Kindle edition of Transcripture International's bilingual French Spanish New Testament (Matthew to Revelation). The layout has been customized to suit the Kindle and tested on full screen and mobile Kindles.

This edition features enhanced navigation so you can quickly click and scroll to any verse without using special search codes. Each book and chapter of the Bible has its own table of contents so you can easily navigate to a specific chapter or verse. At the end of each chapter you can choose to go to the current book's table of contents, return to the main table of contents or continue to the next chapter. In addition, a link at the end of each verse lets you jump to the current chapter's list of verses.

Verses are presented in French then in Spanish making it easy to follow and compare both versions of the text and each verse is tagged with book, chapter and verse (e.g. John 3:16) making it easy to search for any verse you desire.

The content of this Bible (derived from the French Louis Segond de 1910 Bible and the Spanish Biblia Reina Valera) has been edited so that verses are paired in each language. Note that the pairing of verses can result in verse numbering that differs from standard Bibles and care should be taken in comparing the content of this Bible with other Bibles.

We recommend downloading the free sample from the Kindle Store before purchase to ensure your satisfaction.